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The league ‘s highest – income corner, not Josh Norman, not Cleveland Browns ,Of course, it’s not Darrel ray Weiss,But the Losangeles rams cornerback Johnson Trueman, U.S. time on Wednesday, he was the team cheap authentic nfl jerseys posted a privileged label, but also his second season were posted on the franchise tag Johnson next season, so you can get 16 million 700 thousand dollars, the total salary cap is 1/10.

Johnson is the third round of the 2012 draft picks, but never entered the occupation bowl, the 2015 season finished 7 steals last season finished only 1 steals, Johnson was in the defensive area as the target 338 times to let the opponent completed 10 touchdown passes in his hand, regional assessment nfl jerseys for sale is divided into 72.6. Because of the depth of the ram in the corner, they had to rely on money to keep Johnson and the other guards. The League defensive player only 6 possible impact of higher income, they are Justin Houston, von Miller, Norman, Damm, Su – en hole, Mahmoud Jason – Pierre Wilkerson and Paul.

Johnson is the sixth offseason were posted on the franchise tag player, is also the first cornerback for two consecutive seasons are posted on the cheap authentic nfl jerseys privilege label, after Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) during the 2004-2005 season Oakland raiders. At present, Johnson can also choose to sign with other players, but then the RAMs can get 2 first round draft as compensation.

U.S. time on Tuesday, the Kansas chief did not accidentally cut off his veteran run Jamal – Charles. The decision was made to help save $6 million in salary space. Now signed as a free agent Charles and any nfl jerseys for sale , recently did a team interested in him, the Philadelphia hawks currently very hope running back their depth, their coach has coached Charles a few years.

Doug Pedersen had been chief offensive coordinator, said on Wednesday he said the eagle may attempt to get Charles: “I’m at the Emirates for 3 years, I think Charles is a great cheap authentic nfl jerseys running back. He’s part of what we need to improve. We will grade him, as we do with the other players, and then make a decision.”

Pedersen also revealed that Rawls will return to Darren’s next season, to third his running back and back of hand work, but he can not solve the first and second team run the ball for the problem, and Ryan Mathews although the team had not been ruled out, but he has been struggling with health problems, compared with nfl jerseys for sale Charles when healthy at least is the league’s top running back.