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NFL今日离别大戏 曾经第一跑卫与角卫均遭裁

The New York jets today announced that cut cornerback Darrel ray Weiss, once because of strong defensive cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ability is known as “one island” ray Weiss to become No one shows any interest in the island”. Jets have also issued a statement.

“A great player Darrel ray Weiss in our team, his rare talent and instincts and pity pity industry attitude helped him to become a man of the era of rule. I am very grateful to Lives cheap nfl nike jerseys for his contribution, no matter where he will continue his career, the jet will be his eternal harbor.” Jets used a very official statement to announce the departure of ray Weiss.

The former first corner has spent 8 seasons in the jet, and he has only been in the League for the last 10 years since he came to the NFL in the draft in. Ray Weiss is an absolutely perfect occupation and cornerback, he is the best player in the history of this position cheap nfl jerseys free shipping has been one of the “New York jets coach Todd – Bowles said. Lives, 31, will become a free agent in, and on the issue of the release of a tweet on his twitter, he expressed his gratitude for the jet engine, which he said would be a free agent in the year of March 9th.

This is also a signal to rebuild the jet, the jet had already cut off a number of veteran to save money, while Weiss occupy the jet up to $15 million of funds. And this season, Weiss is too bad cheap nfl nike jerseys performance of the jet finally determined. In addition to being cut, Lives in the past because of the beatings were arrested face to face the subsequent trial.

NFL今日离别大戏 曾经第一跑卫与角卫均遭裁

Chicago Bears safety Eric Berri today signed a contract in 6 years to $78 million, the occupation bowl became the NFL star player so far the highest wages safetys.

The contract includes a $20 million signing bonus and a $40 million deposit. This is not just out of safety in the history of the largest contract, but also in the safety position on the highest margin of the contract. Berri’s contract cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with the Emirates can earn $30 million in the first two years. The chief did not disclose details of the contract.

“It’s important for me to keep Eric – Berri in the Emirates ball. He’s a very special player and I’m very excited about Berri’s extension.” “I’m very happy that Eric can stay here. He’s a solid supporter of our defensive team. He’s a special player and a great player.”In 2016, Berri made a very strong performance under the chief’s prerogative label, so it was reasonable for the Emirates to cheap nfl nike jerseys send a price contract. Berri is also the best gift for 7 years.