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The Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk admitted his cousins made a contract and last year’s nfl jerseys wholesale decision to continue to use the franchise tag team. Cousins’s manager announced the decision of the team through Twitter on Tuesday.The 28 year old Cousins last season to complete the season in the franchise tag last season, a total value of 20 million dollars, and now he and red if unable to reach a long-term contract in July 16th, then his franchise tag will come into force, the privilege can ensure the red label any free market of cousins interested rivals the proposed matching transaction requirements, to ensure that if the huge cousins leave team will not lose.

Cousins has demonstrated his strength since he took the place of Robert – the third – generation of the performance of the theory of the power of the times.  The 2015 season he led the team into the playoffs, the individual completed a nfl jerseys for sale pass of 4166 yards to reach the top of the array, last season, he completed a 4917 yard pass of 25 up to 29.

In 9 seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs, running back Jamal Charles into the free agent market.The chief cut off the 30 year old guard on Tuesday. Charles will be the first time in his career to have the nfl jerseys wholesale opportunity to test their value in the market. He was about to enter the contract year, the salary is about $7 million. However, with Spencer Weil in the running back position, check Kendrick West and C.J. Peeler and safety Buffalo Bills and defensive tackle in the east slope will occupy a huge salary space, Charles lost the position.

Charles is the chief red ball player in team history the most number, his number reached 7260 yards rushing yards, but he in the past two seasons have been plagued by injuries, in two years suffering from knee injury, he played only 8 games, including 5 starts, the ball for 404 yards rushing. But since 2014, in the absence of Charles Sheikh rushed nfl jerseys for sale the ball has not been weakened, sometimes even better, red ball code number per game more than 5 yards and winning percentage of 84%.

Charles dismissed Adrian Peterson and become a free agent means running back position change dynasties. After the magic show no longer, the value of the two people in the past two seasons due to injury and a sharp decline, the team they choose to allow them to enter the free agent market rather than continue to give them a high salary.Charles in the free agent market should have a lot of home, who is not willing to leave the top salary for Peterson’s team nfl jerseys wholesale may be willing to take a can play years in the future Hall of famer.