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This Friday, the pony, the eagle, the Vikings officials cheap nfl authentic jerseys will be in a coin toss decided to pick activities. The winner can get the first round of 14 sign, the loser can only accept No. 15.

According to the official website, toss a coin on Friday 12:30 Indiana Exhibition Center, regional rookie training camp for bench press. The general Atlanta Falcons manager Rosman Hoey explained that the two sides nfl jerseys cheap of the coin will be printed on the Vikings and pony team logo (eagle in Sam Bradford trading from the Vikings made the first round sign). “We all hope for the best.” Rosman said, “this is an important week, we are very excited.”

On an exciting coin moment happened a few weeks ago, the Super Bowl overtime before, falcons and patriots in the midfield throwing a coin. Then the Falcon’s defense has been better than cheap nfl authentic jerseys before and get attention, if the Patriot initiative, the result will be…… Everybody knows. This is the first time in three years that a coin toss is required. This situation arises, because the three teams played 8-8, and on the same opponent winning the same.

Chicago bears will not let the outside take over this year – Geoffrey has become a privileged label player. NFL official website reporter Ian – according to informed sources, according to informed sources reported that the bear is not expected to give the privilege of playing on the label to Geoffrey.

Geoffrey last season was a privileged tag player, earning $14 million 599 thousand. If the bears again to him the privilege of using the label, then his salary will reach $17 million 500 thousand, the price for the past two seasons out of 11 games the player is too high. The team can decide whether to use cheap nfl authentic jerseys the privilege tag at the latest in March 1st.

Geoffrey last season finished 52 ball 821 yards and 2 touchdowns, he was suspended for 4 games and facing the bears quarterback in the unstable situation. If Geoffrey leaves, then bears wide receiver lineup will mostly untested young players. If the bears can not be signed in March 9th before the free market players to sign a long term with him, into the free agent market, Geoffrey’s body Atlanta Falcons and ability to make him one of the best in the market to take over.The bear was reluctant to give Geoffrey a top contract. However, in the case of nfl jerseys cheap many teams need to take over, in the multi team competition, Geoffrey should be able to get a big contract.