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San Francisco, 49 people in the reconstruction of the squad cut two years ago signed the big players. The official website is currently serving as cheap nfl jerseys free shipping over Steve Smith according to informed sources reported that 49 people will be cut out over the Torre Smith.

Torre Smith in 2015 to 5 years of $40 million, including $22 million guaranteed income contract with 49 people. After cutting Smith 49 people will save $4 million 800 thousand salary space. But in the case of cheap authentic nfl jerseys full compensation space, the layoffs are more related to Smith’s performance than salary.

Smith in the two season with 49 of the worst in the 28 game 53 times the ball 930 yards and 7 touchdowns. Last season, Smith missed 4 games because of a concussion cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at the end of the season injured reserve list. 267 yards and 3 touchdowns. He only finished 20.

Ironically, Smith had also said they intend to make their progress in the new coach  Jacksonville Jaguars . But I did not expect Smith is not in the 49 plan. Still only 28 years old, Smith should be able to cheap authentic nfl jerseys get to the long ball threat team in the free agent market favor. This time his contract should be much smaller than last time.

Even the recent renewal of Jeremy Cole, 49 people in the wide receiver position cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is still weak in depth, they should seek to increase the receiver in the free agent market and draft.

Free agent took over Kenny – Britt may be for last year’s champion team effectiveness. Philadelphia Eagle recently revealed, looking for an experienced cheap authentic nfl jerseys in the free market to take over, they expressed interest in Britt, the eagles wide receiver coach last season Mike’s Losangeles rams.

On the season out of bad performance of rams quarterback, 28 year old Britt completed the occupation career high 68 receptions for 1002 yards and 5 touchdowns, this is his 9 years occupation career for the first time more than a thousand yards. Britt in 2009 by the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the election, after the first 16 games, last season, he participated cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the 15 game, with his performance, he can quickly become the team’s offensive firepower.

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In Saturday’s NFL test camp, John Ross III made a formal score of 4.22 seconds in the 40 yard dash project, broke Chris Johnson in 2008 hit a record of 4.24 seconds. The University of Washington cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale took over after the sprint injured, he told reporters that his calf muscle discomfort and will not participate in other projects, including the second time 40 yards sprint.

When asked why he couldn’t win a Adidas record when he wasn’t wearing Adidas shoes, Ross replied: “I’m not a good swimmer. I don’t have a boat, so you know, I have to wear Nike.” In an interview on Friday, Ross did not dare to predict nfl jerseys cheap that he could break the record of Johnson, but he does say he is expected to be able to enter 4.3 seconds.

Although Ross until the 2016 season was a breakthrough performance, his speed on the famous early. About a year ago he was in the University’s measured 40 yards sprint 4.25 seconds out. Ross last season finished 81 ball 1150 yards and 17 touchdowns, is to take one of cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale the frequently expected to be selected in the first round of the 3 international.

Clifford last season finished 64 in the ball for 667 yards and 3 touchdowns, in addition to take over the task, he also serves as the return nfl jerseys cheap hand finished 21 punt return for 158 yards, 2011 New York jets Klee is selected in the fifth round, 2011 in the 2015 season, he has been a leader in jet the ball ball number and the number of code.

The United States Friday, the Washington Redskins and his coach Jay Gruden completing a 2 year contract. According to ESPN news, this contract can ensure cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale that Gruden left to the 2020 season, after the Washington Post also confirmed the news. In 2014 when Gruden completed a 5 year contract with the team, has now entered the fourth years, apparently for the Redskins coach’s coaching ability is quite satisfactory.

The 2 year contract is also a good birthday gift, because the United States Saturday Gruden will be 50 years old. Red Coach Gruden Houston Texans total record of 21 wins and 26 level 1, the 2015 season has led the team to win the NL East first, but last season ranked only third. But since the 1996-1997 season, the last two seasons for the first time with two successive season wins than losses.Gruden this contract made him the team’s own 1999 by owner Dan Snyder bought the first nfl jerseys cheap coach to complete the contract.

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As for the new England patriots offensive attack the backbone of Sebastian Volmer now face the risk of career. Reporter Ian reported nfl jerseys wholesale that he will cut the Patriot Vollmer, the latter due to persistent hip pain and is considering retirement. Vollmer originally in this offseason to become a free agent, but because in his last season due to a hip injury for the whole season to stay on the injured list, in his 2016 contract “transfer” to 2017.

Grew up in Denver Broncos late football contact. When he was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2009 draft, he was considered a player who needed time to develop.Coach Bill – Billy himself admits cheap nfl nike jerseys that the value of the round of the show did not reach the two round of the round or the fifth round of the fourth. But he believes that if the wait will miss wormer.

But then in the 8 season Wormer patriot effect played 88 games, including 80 starts, becoming one of the league’s top right tackle in 2010 to 2014 years. The next will nfl jerseys wholesale depend on Marcus – Patriot cannon, he made a breakthrough level performance in the 2016 season, obtained a 5 year contract worth $32 million 500 thousand.

Tennessee Titans let Matt – Cassell stay for 2 years. Reporter Ian Rapoport according to informed sources reported that the Titans and the veteran quarterback cheap nfl nike jerseys for about 2 years, the contract value of $5 million 250 thousand. 34 year old Cassell can get $2 million 750 thousand in the new season. Rapoport had previously said that Cassell is a priority for the titans”.

Last season Cassell played in 4 games, 51 passes 30 times successfully gained 284 yards and 2 touchdowns 2 passes by steals. In the first episode of Marcus – the end of twelve after the fibula nfl jerseys wholesale fracture in his role in the. Cassell in the sixteenth week the team lost to Jacksonville 17-38 Jaguar, but in the regular season finale to a 24-17 victory over Houston in Dezhou. His performance is not good, but his familiarity with the Titan offensive system is his advantage. When waiting for the Titan Mario Kobita rehabilitation, Cassell will need to run the most off-season training.

Enter the thirteenth season career of Cassell in the early career playing for the new England patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs after the teams wandering. He also for the Minnesota Vikings, buffalo Bill and Dallas cowboys played. There is no doubt that Cassell has been able to deliver a lot of cheap nfl nike jerseys good performance, but the Titans obviously liked what they saw last season.

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The league ‘s highest – income corner, not Josh Norman, not Cleveland Browns ,Of course, it’s not Darrel ray Weiss,But the Losangeles rams cornerback Johnson Trueman, U.S. time on Wednesday, he was the team cheap authentic nfl jerseys posted a privileged label, but also his second season were posted on the franchise tag Johnson next season, so you can get 16 million 700 thousand dollars, the total salary cap is 1/10.

Johnson is the third round of the 2012 draft picks, but never entered the occupation bowl, the 2015 season finished 7 steals last season finished only 1 steals, Johnson was in the defensive area as the target 338 times to let the opponent completed 10 touchdown passes in his hand, regional assessment nfl jerseys for sale is divided into 72.6. Because of the depth of the ram in the corner, they had to rely on money to keep Johnson and the other guards. The League defensive player only 6 possible impact of higher income, they are Justin Houston, von Miller, Norman, Damm, Su – en hole, Mahmoud Jason – Pierre Wilkerson and Paul.

Johnson is the sixth offseason were posted on the franchise tag player, is also the first cornerback for two consecutive seasons are posted on the cheap authentic nfl jerseys privilege label, after Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) during the 2004-2005 season Oakland raiders. At present, Johnson can also choose to sign with other players, but then the RAMs can get 2 first round draft as compensation.

U.S. time on Tuesday, the Kansas chief did not accidentally cut off his veteran run Jamal – Charles. The decision was made to help save $6 million in salary space. Now signed as a free agent Charles and any nfl jerseys for sale , recently did a team interested in him, the Philadelphia hawks currently very hope running back their depth, their coach has coached Charles a few years.

Doug Pedersen had been chief offensive coordinator, said on Wednesday he said the eagle may attempt to get Charles: “I’m at the Emirates for 3 years, I think Charles is a great cheap authentic nfl jerseys running back. He’s part of what we need to improve. We will grade him, as we do with the other players, and then make a decision.”

Pedersen also revealed that Rawls will return to Darren’s next season, to third his running back and back of hand work, but he can not solve the first and second team run the ball for the problem, and Ryan Mathews although the team had not been ruled out, but he has been struggling with health problems, compared with nfl jerseys for sale Charles when healthy at least is the league’s top running back.

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NFL今日离别大戏 曾经第一跑卫与角卫均遭裁

The New York jets today announced that cut cornerback Darrel ray Weiss, once because of strong defensive cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ability is known as “one island” ray Weiss to become No one shows any interest in the island”. Jets have also issued a statement.

“A great player Darrel ray Weiss in our team, his rare talent and instincts and pity pity industry attitude helped him to become a man of the era of rule. I am very grateful to Lives cheap nfl nike jerseys for his contribution, no matter where he will continue his career, the jet will be his eternal harbor.” Jets used a very official statement to announce the departure of ray Weiss.

The former first corner has spent 8 seasons in the jet, and he has only been in the League for the last 10 years since he came to the NFL in the draft in. Ray Weiss is an absolutely perfect occupation and cornerback, he is the best player in the history of this position cheap nfl jerseys free shipping has been one of the “New York jets coach Todd – Bowles said. Lives, 31, will become a free agent in, and on the issue of the release of a tweet on his twitter, he expressed his gratitude for the jet engine, which he said would be a free agent in the year of March 9th.

This is also a signal to rebuild the jet, the jet had already cut off a number of veteran to save money, while Weiss occupy the jet up to $15 million of funds. And this season, Weiss is too bad cheap nfl nike jerseys performance of the jet finally determined. In addition to being cut, Lives in the past because of the beatings were arrested face to face the subsequent trial.

NFL今日离别大戏 曾经第一跑卫与角卫均遭裁

Chicago Bears safety Eric Berri today signed a contract in 6 years to $78 million, the occupation bowl became the NFL star player so far the highest wages safetys.

The contract includes a $20 million signing bonus and a $40 million deposit. This is not just out of safety in the history of the largest contract, but also in the safety position on the highest margin of the contract. Berri’s contract cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with the Emirates can earn $30 million in the first two years. The chief did not disclose details of the contract.

“It’s important for me to keep Eric – Berri in the Emirates ball. He’s a very special player and I’m very excited about Berri’s extension.” “I’m very happy that Eric can stay here. He’s a solid supporter of our defensive team. He’s a special player and a great player.”In 2016, Berri made a very strong performance under the chief’s prerogative label, so it was reasonable for the Emirates to cheap nfl nike jerseys send a price contract. Berri is also the best gift for 7 years.

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The Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk admitted his cousins made a contract and last year’s nfl jerseys wholesale decision to continue to use the franchise tag team. Cousins’s manager announced the decision of the team through Twitter on Tuesday.The 28 year old Cousins last season to complete the season in the franchise tag last season, a total value of 20 million dollars, and now he and red if unable to reach a long-term contract in July 16th, then his franchise tag will come into force, the privilege can ensure the red label any free market of cousins interested rivals the proposed matching transaction requirements, to ensure that if the huge cousins leave team will not lose.

Cousins has demonstrated his strength since he took the place of Robert – the third – generation of the performance of the theory of the power of the times.  The 2015 season he led the team into the playoffs, the individual completed a nfl jerseys for sale pass of 4166 yards to reach the top of the array, last season, he completed a 4917 yard pass of 25 up to 29.

In 9 seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs, running back Jamal Charles into the free agent market.The chief cut off the 30 year old guard on Tuesday. Charles will be the first time in his career to have the nfl jerseys wholesale opportunity to test their value in the market. He was about to enter the contract year, the salary is about $7 million. However, with Spencer Weil in the running back position, check Kendrick West and C.J. Peeler and safety Buffalo Bills and defensive tackle in the east slope will occupy a huge salary space, Charles lost the position.

Charles is the chief red ball player in team history the most number, his number reached 7260 yards rushing yards, but he in the past two seasons have been plagued by injuries, in two years suffering from knee injury, he played only 8 games, including 5 starts, the ball for 404 yards rushing. But since 2014, in the absence of Charles Sheikh rushed nfl jerseys for sale the ball has not been weakened, sometimes even better, red ball code number per game more than 5 yards and winning percentage of 84%.

Charles dismissed Adrian Peterson and become a free agent means running back position change dynasties. After the magic show no longer, the value of the two people in the past two seasons due to injury and a sharp decline, the team they choose to allow them to enter the free agent market rather than continue to give them a high salary.Charles in the free agent market should have a lot of home, who is not willing to leave the top salary for Peterson’s team nfl jerseys wholesale may be willing to take a can play years in the future Hall of famer.

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This Friday, the pony, the eagle, the Vikings officials cheap nfl authentic jerseys will be in a coin toss decided to pick activities. The winner can get the first round of 14 sign, the loser can only accept No. 15.

According to the official website, toss a coin on Friday 12:30 Indiana Exhibition Center, regional rookie training camp for bench press. The general Atlanta Falcons manager Rosman Hoey explained that the two sides nfl jerseys cheap of the coin will be printed on the Vikings and pony team logo (eagle in Sam Bradford trading from the Vikings made the first round sign). “We all hope for the best.” Rosman said, “this is an important week, we are very excited.”

On an exciting coin moment happened a few weeks ago, the Super Bowl overtime before, falcons and patriots in the midfield throwing a coin. Then the Falcon’s defense has been better than cheap nfl authentic jerseys before and get attention, if the Patriot initiative, the result will be…… Everybody knows. This is the first time in three years that a coin toss is required. This situation arises, because the three teams played 8-8, and on the same opponent winning the same.

Chicago bears will not let the outside take over this year – Geoffrey has become a privileged label player. NFL official website reporter Ian – according to informed sources, according to informed sources reported that the bear is not expected to give the privilege of playing on the label to Geoffrey.

Geoffrey last season was a privileged tag player, earning $14 million 599 thousand. If the bears again to him the privilege of using the label, then his salary will reach $17 million 500 thousand, the price for the past two seasons out of 11 games the player is too high. The team can decide whether to use cheap nfl authentic jerseys the privilege tag at the latest in March 1st.

Geoffrey last season finished 52 ball 821 yards and 2 touchdowns, he was suspended for 4 games and facing the bears quarterback in the unstable situation. If Geoffrey leaves, then bears wide receiver lineup will mostly untested young players. If the bears can not be signed in March 9th before the free market players to sign a long term with him, into the free agent market, Geoffrey’s body Atlanta Falcons and ability to make him one of the best in the market to take over.The bear was reluctant to give Geoffrey a top contract. However, in the case of nfl jerseys cheap many teams need to take over, in the multi team competition, Geoffrey should be able to get a big contract.

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At a distance of less than two weeks when the market opened, the Panthers and defensive end cheap nfl jerseys  a new contract for 3 years. The contract is worth $22 million 500 thousand. Edison is now the Panther club until 2019.
“Mario is one of the league’s best pass impact emerging in hand, he is worthy of this contract,” the Panthers general manager Dave Guttman said in a statement on the team. “He has been our cheap jerseys from china opponent, he is expected to play a greater role in defense group.” Despite a disappointing season the Panthers, Edison is one of the few bright spots. He scored a career high 9.5 sacks last season, which ranked first in the team. Since 2014 he made 22 sacks, at this stage in the team is also the most.
Edison is about to become the 5 defensive players Panther free agent in the first contract with the team. To renew or call the lead of a $13 million 615 thousand franchise tag way for defensive cheap nfl jerseys with a big contract. In addition, the Panther club Charles career has been for Johnson will also become a free agent.

Police said to be selected in the 2013 draft first round Eelam was accused of marijuana possession, the intention of sale or transportation of marijuana, carrying controlled drugs and reckless driving. Eelam pick in the 2013 draft thirty-second. He’s going to be a free agent. Crow cheap jerseys from china his fifth year contract option a year ago.
“We know Matt Eelam’s arrest,” crow said in a statement. “Matt is not part of our plan for the 2017 season.” A NFL spokesman said the union is investigating the matter. This is not the first time related events eelam. In October 2015, he was due to the violation cheap nfl jerseys of drug abuse was suspended for 1 games. At the time, officials said he had reported the violation to the union.
Eelam is one of history’s most crow disappointing first round pick players. He is marking the catcher and often missed tackle, he lost his starting position in the 2014 mid season. Last season’s cheap jerseys from china injury reserve list after he served as a special group of players.